Altec Roofing

Take a look at what makes us one of the premier roofing companies in South Florida...

Here is a look at a beautiful cedar shingle roof we did for a wonderful Jupiter Island family. From the custom copper work to the shingle selection and placement, this is a signature Altec Roofing roof!

Just a look at some of the day-to-day work we do in our sheet metal shop. Many jobs call for custom elements, and we are able to make them on site to the exact standards needed.

Here’s another look at some custom sheet metal shop work at Altec Roofing. Here we are making custom vent attachment pipes. These are used to connect various things such as gas vents, stove hoods, and even dryer hoses to the decorative copper gooseneck vent hoods installed on the roof.

We don’t have much need for chimneys in South Florida, but they sure add a nice aesthetic to a roof line so many people have false chimneys built into their home’s design. Here is a video of our shop making a faux chimney cap and our metal workers fitting it with the lightning rods in preparation to send it off for painting.