Asset Management Program

Altec Roofing is a JPJ Companies Brand and authorized Asset Management Program (AMP) provider for all types of residential and commercial roof repairs, restorations, and replacements.

How It Works

Improve Roof System Management Practices

Extend Roof Life Expectancy

Protect Manufacturer Warranties

Document Roof System History

Maximize Roof System Performance

Extend Roof Life Expectancy

Provide Accurate Figures to Budget Reserves

AMP Service Customers have VIP Emergency Priority Response from Altec Roofing and decreased service rates while covered under AMP Contract.

The AMP Program is a TOOL that gives Property Owners, Managers, Board Members, and Residents, the opportunity to save a LOT of money over the long haul, through minimal, PROACTIVE management of one of their greatest assets – their roof system. 

Residential Tile Roofs
Custom Metal Roofs
Residential Roofs

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